How I practice self-love

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog. Can I pat myself on the back for having another post within a week? You don’t need to answer! I’ve done it already lol. In my last blogpost I spoke about how people tend to associate self-love with explicit images and how I think it’s more to doContinue reading “How I practice self-love”

Is it self love or lack of self-esteem? Perhaps it’s just for validation?

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog. It’s been nearly two years!  I’m back with a topic I’ve had in mind for a while. Lord I actually need to be consistent this time! Sigh…I’m done with my master’s degree now so I really don’t have any excuse. How’s everyone coping with the COVID-19 pandemic? IContinue reading “Is it self love or lack of self-esteem? Perhaps it’s just for validation?”


Hey guyyss! Welcome back to my blog. So I’ve done a short blog post about my recent trip to Milan. I hope you guys find it useful. Still can’t get over Milan’s beautiful sceneries! I wasn’t ready…I was I was haha, over-packed suitcase plus my camera battery charger…Oh and three different camera lenses LOL IContinue reading “FEW DAYS IN MILAN”


Welcome back guyyys! I’ve been so busy, finishing up my uni work, work deadlines (never stop), my 25th and then my sister got married! Finally free now. (As if I was in jail before lool) Now let’s talk about forgiveness.. Gosh I used to be so bad when it comes to forgiving! Thinking about itContinue reading “FORGIVENESS”

Invest In Your Most Important Relationships

Everyday we learn and recently I’ve been learning a lot about friendship. Looks like I’m on the right lane as God confirmed this through my devotional (Daughters of the King). Since sharing is caring, thought I’d share it with you guys. It’s nice, short and really informative. Happy reading 🙂 x   “A man ofContinue reading “Invest In Your Most Important Relationships”

Let’s Talk About Career

Happy New Year guyys! Welcome back to my blog, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I had so much to eat, it’s disgraceful lool I’m back today with a slightly different topic. I’ll be talking about Career. Just to clarify, I’m not some sort of career guru. I’m writing this based on myContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Career”