Hey guyyss! Welcome back to my blog. So I’ve done a short blog post about my recent trip to Milan. I hope you guys find it useful.

Still can’t get over Milan’s beautiful sceneries! I wasn’t ready…I was I was haha, over-packed suitcase plus my camera battery charger…Oh and three different camera lenses LOL I was definitely READY.


First, let’s talk about TRAVEL

Can you believe we only paid about €8 or so for 3 days! I swear one day travel-card in London is over £12 (unacceptable!). We bought this ticket that was meant to last for 48 hours but it refused to stop working so we refused to stop using it too LOL!
Their metro line is just like London Underground but less crowded and with air-con. (I know some of you lot will be like “Go live in Italy then” Lool I’m here to stay mate!)

Our nearest Metro station was about 15mins from DUOMO (The central area of Milan)

Now let’s talk about food

We had such a great time being a tourist except for our food poisoning experience on our first day which made me super conscious with food throughout the trip.

We didn’t find a restaurant we liked until the last day. Shame! Maybe we were just too picky I dunno. We had ice cream every day so that’s nice lol

Also, get your google translate ready! 90% of the restaurant menu on Deliveroo will be in Italian lol

Here’s a link to the restaurant I liked Gino’s 1928. They have everythinnnng plus it’s affordable.

Also there was this very nice sea food restaurant in Navigli Zio pesc that my friend liked.


Top 5 things to do

Milan Cathedral

You need to be there to understand the beauty of this place. It makes me want to be an Architect. (okay okay I’m exaggerating haha). There’s no way you can visit and miss the cathedral because it’s literally positioned in the heart of Milan.

We didn’t bother going inside as the queue wasn’t a joke but from my research before going, you’ll get the most stunning view of the city if you go inside and climb the roof!

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

I’ve never seen a shopping mall as elegant as this! The dome roof is so high up that it made everything even more magical. I haven’t been to a lot of places but I’m yet to see a shopping mall as majestic as this one.


Lake Como

We spent a day wandering around Lake Como, went on a boat ride exploring the lake and eating more ice cream. It’s such a beautiful place but I don’t think there’s much to do other than sightseeing.

There is a cable car that drives you up to the top of the mountain and bring you back down but I’m not about that life! You must have a death wish to be moving like that LMAO (don’t mind me I’m just a scaredy-cat)

It cost about €150 to hire a private boat (maximum of 6 or 8 I think) or you can pay about €10 for an hour on a public boat.




The place to be at night. Several cafes, bars, clubs, disco and restaurants but super crowded so if you’re not a fan of crowds stay in your hotel room LOL!

I reckon it’ll be nicer during the day if you just fancy a nice walk along the side of the canal.


Arco Della Pace (Arch of Peace)

This is located in the Central Park of Milan, ended up there during our scooter tour ride.


We didn’t get to visit The last supper but I know I’ll still go back to Milan one day so it’s all good! It’s all goooood.

Comment below for hotel details

Feel free to share your holiday experience in the comment section.


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