Adulthood Trap

I am not an adult yet! Just a toddler adult – does that even make sense? LOL, you know what I mean.

Adulthood is not something you just wake up and become, it’s a journey.

The older you get the more responsible you become (that’s what it’s supposed to be right?). You’re required to put in the effort because no one else will do it for you.

We tend to have visions and plans for how our lives will turn out. Plans to finish university at a certain age, buy a house, have a career going, start a business, get married and have babies.

How many people can say it turned out as planned? Most likely none just because THAT IS LIFE!

What I’ve learnt these past few years in my “adulting” journey;

Life comes with challenges as we get older

Challenges can be exhausting at times but there’s nothing you can do but to face them because this is just a part of the becoming an ‘adult’.

There are so many things we have to think about as we get older, from career/business to finances to relationships etc. The so-called vision we had as a teenager won’t just fall into place without obstacles. It’s not the usual “carefree” life anymore.

Also what I’ve learnt in my personal journey is that the older you get the bigger your challenges and the bigger the impact of every decision made.

Take that risk if you need to

The key word is if you need to or should I say if you can afford to. I think this is easy for me to say and doesn’t apply to everyone. I’m forever grateful for having a supportive family I can fall back on and this makes it easier for me to take certain risks that I’d think twice about if my family isn’t as supportive or if I was a bit older and living alone. Make use of the opportunities you have wisely. (Don’t get it twisted and make stupid decisions in the spirit of taking risks…LOL).

I always weigh pros and cons of most decisions and will usually go ahead if the pros outweigh the cons. For example a career decision.

Develop activities to help manage stress

Different activities work for different people, be it exercise, spa treatments or meditation. Meditation/scrubbing every nook and cranny of the house till I can see my reflection (lol) actually works for me and you don’t need to pay for this so it’s worth giving it a go. I used to go for acupuncture once a week for migraine treatment and the lady taught me how to meditate. To find out more about different meditation techniques follow this link Meditation Techniques

Learn to say NO

What’s the cost of you saying yes instead of no? Are you going to say yes and have no money to pay for your phone bill or unable to meet your deadline? It’s important to weigh the outcome of decisions we make, don’t feel the need to please the people around you and forget to make yourself a priority. You are a priority and should always come first!

Learn to be happy alone

It’s very important to have relationships with people but we need to be comfortable with being alone too. Our lives become busier as we get older so not everyone will have your time.

Having self-love, confidence in yourself and knowing that your happiness lies in your own hands is crucial.

Although being an adult has its own benefits, I sometimes miss not having to care or worry about anything.

Have a great week guys.


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