Welcome back guys! 
Why are men that show emotions often labelled as weak and vulnerable?
Why is it okay for a woman to cry but not a man?
A lot of people in this day and age see crying as a form of weakness (especially in the black community) and it really shouldn’t be like that as men are human with the same response to pain as women.
Shed those tears if you need to, sometimes it’s needed and makes everything better afterwards. Bottling up your feelings is only going to make you worse and crying doesn’t make you any less of a man, even Jesus wept. 😉
There’s a difference between crying when you lose a loved one and crying when your football team loses (don’t shoot me for this).
Society isn’t even helpful at all as there is this extra pressure on guys that show vulnerability – never let what society presume to be “normalcy” rob you of your emotions.
Even in critical situations, men are expected to “hold themselves together” and comfort people around them just because they are “men” and need to show the society they are strong. Crying does not and will never determine how strong a person is.
To answer my question,
Yes, men do cry. This stereotype needs to be broken as there’s nothing effeminate about men crying.
Let me know your thoughts guys.
Anyways, how’s everyone coping with this crazy cold weather (for my readers in London or anywhere in the world that’s cold). Winter used to be my favourite season but I’m over it now especially with the snow! Just too cold this year and seems like it’s only gonna get worse.
Thought I’d share some of my winter wardrobe essentials with you guys.
The flat boot is my everyday shoe.
 Heeled boots – Primark
Flat boots – Zara (Discontinued) Similar
My forever reliable snow boots. My sister and friend hate this shoe so much looool (They’re just haters). I’ve had this boots for about 8 years and it’s still going strong. To be honest it’ll probably last for eternity 🙂
Hunters wellies for raining days.

Thanks for reading guys.

If you’d like to know anything feel free to drop me an email.

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