Blissful Saturday / Crazy Sunday

Hey blog family, hope your weekend has been real good?

So yesterday, I went to The Crazy Bear in Fitzrovia with a friend and it was a blisssssful experience in terms of customer service and food – very professional and friendly staff.
I advise you look at the menu beforehand as they have a variety to choose from (it took us over 30 minutes to decide on what to order).
Ohhh their portion is big so make sure you’re hungry. (actually, this might depend on what you order so don’t blame me haha!).
I was really excited about the restaurant decor on their website but then it wasn’t what I expected when we got there. All cramped up and no picture spot, maybe another location might have better spots for pictures.

What I wore to The Crazy Bear

Blazer ¦ Jeggings ¦ Heels (Discontinued) ¦ Wristwatch

Anyways, we found this random spot in the area! So pretty! Had to take off my coat for a pic in the 5 degrees freezing weather. (Yeah it’s that deep lol!)

Fitzrovia, London

My Sunday, on the other hand, is all about studyinggggggg! Sighhhhhh

I’m sure you’re all having a better Sunday than I’m doing

I am currently working full-time and doing my Masters part-time for two years so it’s been soo hectic. This weekend is my proper first Saturday out since September but I’ve got a better balance now so I will be going out more.

There goes my weekend.

Have a great week guys 😀

If you’d like to know anything feel free to drop me an email.

Snapchat: bukkzjuwa


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