About me

Welcome to SHE by Bukky Juwa.

Meet Bukky, a 26-year-old Data Analyst based in London.

I’ve always wanted to blog since my university days in 2011 (I know, I know! Took a while) and finally found the courage to start in 2017 after such a long time procrastinating.

I will be blogging about anything and everything from fashion, food, travel to relationships. (LIFESTYLE).

I really hope you stick around and enjoy my blogs ♡

If you’d like to contact me, feel free to drop me an email shebybukkyjuwa@outlook.com


I’m also a co-founder of a clothing line…

With the abundance of vibrant, rich colours and traditional prints, it would be a disservice not to share a piece of Africa with you.

Our brand offers you a variety of styles in rich, unique and carefully selected handmade African fabrics.

We sell ready-to-wear, in-season designs that can be worn in the office, on holiday or just chilling with friends.
Please show some love by supporting us.

Instagram: AfroTrend

Website: www.afrotrend.co.uk

Here is a blog post I wrote on forgiveness


Welcome back guyyys! I’ve been so busy, finishing up my uni work, work deadlines (never stop), my 25th and then my sister got married! Finally free now. (As if I was in jail before lool) Now let’s talk about forgiveness.. Gosh I used to be so bad when it comes to forgiving! Thinking about itContinue reading “FORGIVENESS”

Travel plans for 2020

How far will £1000 holiday budget take you? Mine’s taking me on 5 holidays! Yes 5…and I even stayed at the Ritz in Budapest. Yess THE RITZ!

It’s all about finding the right deal and you also need to be flexible with dates, location and accommodation. To be fair, I’m quite picky when it comes to accommodations…actually that’s a lie! I’m extremely picky! I mean who doesn’t like a nice fancy hotel?

I’ll share more information regarding booking details once I travel.

For now, I’ve listed the websites where I booked my 2020 holidays below.